Grocery Essentials

Strawberry Jam 290g/8
Raspberry Jam 290g/8
Aronia with Acerola Juice Jam 290g/8
Cherry Jam 290g/8
Peach Jam 290g/8
Blackcurrant Jam 290g/8
Blueberry Jam 290g/8
Wild Blueberry Jam 290g/8
Multifruit Marmalade with Rose Jam 330g/8
Strawberry Jam With Apple & Flaxseed Jam 290g/8
Raspberry Jam With Linden Flower 290g/8
Strawberry Jam 280g/8
Cherry Jam 280g/8
Peach Jam 280g/8
Raspberry Jam 280g/8
Apricot Jam 280g/8
Chokeberry Jam 280g/8
Forest Fruit Jam 280g/8
Blackcurrant Jam 280g/8
Blueberry Jam 280g/8
Plum Preserves 290g/8
Strawberry Confiture 240g/8
Cherry Confiture 240g/8
Raspberry Confiture 240g/8
Apricot Confiture 240g/8
Peach Confiture 240g/8
Blackcurrant Confiture 240g/8
Forest Fruit Confiture 240g/8
Blueberry Confiture 240g/8
Dzem Truskawka 450g/6
Dzem Wisnia 450g/6
Dzem Czarna Porzeczka 450g/6
Dzem Czarna Porzeczka 450g/6
Tuna In Water 170g/48
Tuna in Water in Oil & Vegetables Broth 170g/48
Tuna In Olive Oil 170g/48
Tuna In Water In Oil & Vegetables Broth Family 400g/24
Sardines In Soya Oil 120g/25
Sardines In Soya Oil With Chilli 120g/25
Sardines In Tomato Sauce 120g/25
Sardines In Tomato Sauce With Chilli 120g/25
Sardines In Soya Oil With Lemon 120g/25
Gabriel Mackrel In Soya Oil 25x120g
Gabriel Mackrel In Tomato Sauce
Gabriel Sliced Squid Portugese Sauce 25x120g
Gabriel Giant Squid Fisherman Sauce 25x120g
Gabriel Sardines With Pickles 25x120g
Green Olives 1kg/12
Green Olives With Rosemary 1kg/12
Green Olives With Thyme 1kg/12
Extra Virgin Oil 500ml/12
Extra Virgin Oil 750ml/12
Pomance Olive Oil 3l/6
Virgin Olive Oil 3L/6
Sauerkraut 830ml/12
Sauerkraut With Carrot 900g/12
Cucumber In Brine 900ml/12
Dill Pickles 890ml/12
Grated Beets 830ml/12
Sauerkraut 900g/12
Sauerkraut With Carrot 830ml/12
Sauerkraut 1460g/6
Sauerkraut with Carrot 1460g/6
Saurekraft Leaves 1500g/6
Pickled Red Pepper Quarters 900ml/12
Pickled Sweet Peppers Red & Yellow 900ml/12
Picked Patissons 840ml/12
Green Zucchini Salad 830g/12
Green Tomato Salad With Sweet Pepper 900ml/12
Yellow Zucchini Salad 820g/12
Kartuskie Dill Pickles With Sweet Peppers 840g/12
Cucumber In Brine 840g/12
Dill Pickles Cucumbers 860g/12
Mixed Vegetables 900ml/12
Vegetable Dinner Salad 900g/12
White Cabbage & Baby Beets Salad-Smakowita 900ml/12
Apple Compote 850ml/12
Celery Salad 280g/12
Celery Salad With Carrots 280g/12
Beans In Tomato Sauce 500ml/12
Mushrooms Soup Concentrated Vegetarian 500ml/12
Vegetable Soup Concentrated Vegetarian 460g/12
Pea Soup Concentrated Vegetarian 500ml/12
Buckwheat With Mushrooms 500ml/12
Cabbage Soup Concentrated Vegetarian 500ml/12
Red Beet Borscht Soup Concentrated Vegetarian 500ml/12
Bean Soup Concentrated Vegetarian 500ml/12
Letcho Paprika 460ml/12
Cucumber Soup Concentrated Vegetarian 500ml/12
Tomoato Rice Soup Concentrated Vegetarian 500ml/12
Baby Whole Beets 460ml/12
Pickled Champignons 280g/12
Pickled Champignons 760g/12
Horseradish 180ml/12
Horseradish 300ml/12
Mixed Fruit Preserve 550g/12
Marmolada Twarda 900ml/12
Sauerkraut 900ml/12
Sauerkraut With Carrot 900ml/12
Polish Dill Pickles 900ml/12
Cucumber In Brine 900ml/12
Sandwich Cucumbers 720ml/6
Dill Pickles With Red Peppers 900ml/12
Grated Beets 900ml/12
Red Cabbage With Apple 900ml/12
Grated Beets With Caraway 900ml/12
Shredded Red Cabbage 900ml/12
Vegetable Salad 900ml/12
Vegetable Dinner Salad 900ml/12
Old Polish Salad 900ml/12
Pickled Red Peppers 900ml/12
Marinated Champignon 900ml/12
Traditional Horseradish 190g/12
Everyday Milk Powder 375g/24
Everyday Milk Powder 900g/12
Everyday Milk Powder 1.9kg/9 SKU : 1.9
Grandma Mayonnaise 420ml/12
Grandma Mayonnaise 650ml/6
Maggi Seasoning 200g/20
Maggi Seasoning 960g/6
Bouillon Chicken 120g/16
Veal Bouillon 120g/16
Bouillon Chicken Veg 120g/16
Bouillon Chicken Beef 120g/16
Ribs Bouillon 120g/16
Chicken & Herbal Bouillon 120g/16
Beef Bouillon 120g/16
Vegetable Bouillon 120g/16
Mushroom Bouillon Boletus 60g/20
Buraki Suszone 100g/10
GK Chicken Broth with pasta 12g/26
GK Tomato with Pasta 16g/26
GK Red Borsch with Croutons 16g/30
GK Pea Soup with Croutons 21g/30
GK Champignon Soup with Croutons 14g/30
GK Zurek Soup with Croutons 13g/30
Danie 5 Minut Puree with Onions & Croutons 57g/8
Danie 5 Minut Puree Bacon 51g/8
Danie 5 Minut Spaghetti Bolognese 57g/8
Danie 5 Minut Pasta Goulash 50g/8
Danie 5 Minut Pasta Mushroom 50g/8
Mayo Decorative 400ml/8
Mayo Decorative 700ml/6
Red Borsch 49g/20
Red Borsch Express 60g/30
Zurek Soup with Mushrooms 49g/30
Krpunik Polish Soup 59g/25
Bean Soup 63g/25
Pea Soup 75g/25
Chicken Soup Noodles 48g/20
Vegetable Soup 48g/25
Tomato Soup 50g/28
Ogonowa Soup 40g/32
Zurek Soup 49g/30
Mushroom Soup 48g/30
White Borsch 66g/30
Tomato Sauce 33g/37
Jak u Mamy Cucumber Soup 42g/30
Jak U Mamy White Borsch With Mushrooms 40g/25
Jak U Mamy Zurek With Smoked Bacon 46g/25
Jak u Mamy Boletus Soup 44g/25
Jak U Mamy Champignon Soup 44g/22
Jak u Mamy Broccoli Soup 49g/30
Chicken Borth Instant 170g/10
Red Borsch Instant 170g/10
Gravy Sauce Dark 30g/35
Gravy Sauce Light 27g/35
Champignon Sauce 30g/35
Gravy Sauce Delicate 34g/35
Gravy Sauce Cream 27g/35
Dill Sauce with Cream 27g/37
Mushroom Sauce 28g/37
Jak u Mamy Hunter Sauce 30g/22
Jak u Mamy Staropolski Sauce 32g/22
Jak u Mamy Boletus Sauce 33g/20
Gelatine 50g/22
Jelly Gooseberry 71g/22
Jelly Strawberry 71g/22
Jelly Raspberry 71g/22
Jelly Orange 71g/22
Jelly Lemon 71g/22
Jelly Cherry 71g/22
Jelly Wild Strawberry 71g/22
Jelly Peach 71g/22
Jelly Blueberry 47g/25
Budyn Vanilla with Sugar 60g/30
Budyn Cream with Sugar 60g/30
Sugar Free Budyn Vanilla 35g/30
Sugar Free Budyn Cream 35g/30
Kisiel Lemon with Sugar 77g/25
Kisiel Wild Strawberry with Sugar 77g/25
Kisiel Raspberry with Sugar 77g/25
Kisiel Cherry with Sugar 77g/25
Kisiel Peach with Sugar 77g/25
Kisiel Cranberry with Sugar 77g/25
Kisiel Orange with Sugar 77g/25
Kisiel Strawberry with Sugar 77g/25
Vinegar 500ml/12
Cucumbers With Chilli Peppers 720ml/6
Green Peas 400g/6
Carrot With Peas 500ml/6
Green Salad Peas 400g/6
Green Peas 720ml/6
Plum Compote 900ml/4
Red Kidney Beans 400g/12
White Beans 400g/12
Sweet Corn 425ml/6
Sour Cherry Compote 900ml/4
Strawberry Compote 900ml/4
Hungarian Letcho 720ml/6
Pickled Bay Boletes 720ml/2
Pitted Cherries 720ml/6
Shredded Beetroots 500ml/6
Grated Beetroots 900ml/6
Shredded Beetroots 900ml/6
Fried Beetroots With Onion Premium 540g/6
Sorrel 320ml/6
Sour Cucumber Puree 315ml/12
30% Tomato Puree 120ml/20
30% Tomato Puree 200ml/20
Sweet And Sour Sauce 500g/6
Bolognese Sauce 500g/6
Spaghetti sauce 500g/6
Tomato Concentrate 30% Glass Jar 80g/20
Tomato Concentrate 30% Glass Jar 190g/12
Red Borscht Concentrate 300ml/6
Chokeberry Syrup 250ml/6
Raspberry Vitamin Complex Syrup 250ml/6
Pine Shoots Syrup 250ml/6
Blueberry Syrup 250ml/6
Rose Hip Syrup 250ml/6
Elderberry Syrup 250ml/6
Buckwheat Groats 400g/8
Buckwheat Groats 4*100g/12
White Buckwheat Groats 4*100g/12
Fine - Grained Pearl Barley Groats 400g/8
Average - Grained Pearl Barley Groats 400g/8
Coarse - Grained Pearl Barley Groats 400g/8
Hulled Barley Groats 400g/8
Millet Groats 400g/8
Rolled Oats 400g/6
Oat Flakes Instant 400g/6
Oat Flakes Classic 400g/6
Semolina 400g/8
Instant Semolina 400g/8
White Fine Beans (foil Bag) 400g/8
Big Handsome Johnny Bean 400g/8
Shelled Peas Halves (foil Bag) 400g/8
Powdered Sugar 400g/14
Potato Flour 0,5kg/12
Potato Flour 1kg/10
Knorr Chicken Noodles 65g/72
Knorr Chatpata Noodles 66g/72
Chicken Noodle Soup 60g/60
Soup Crab & Corn 40g/72
Soy Sauce 1L/12
Salad Seasoning 20g/25
Potato Seasoning 25g/25
Pickled Cucumber Spice Blend 40g/12
Minced Meat Seasoning 20g/25
Black Minced Pepper 15g/25
Basil 10g/20
Coriander Whole Kolendra Cala 15g/25
Chicken Herbal Seasoning 30g/25
White Minced Pepper 15g/25
Ginger 15g/25
Pork Seasoning 20g/25
Mulled Wine And Beer Seasoning 40g/25
Grained Colour Pepper 15g/25
Bigos (a Polish Stew Of Cabbage And Meat) Seasoning 20g/25
Bean Dishes Seasoning 20g/25
Herbal Salt 30g/25
Steak Seasoning 20g/25
Herbs Grill Seasoning 20g/25
Oregano 10g/20
Gelatine 20g/25
Thyme 10g/20
Ribs Seasoning 20g/25
Rosemary 15g/20
Turmeric 20g/25
Spicy Paprika 20g/25
Huntsmans Poultry Seasoning 20g/25
Chicken Spicy Seasoning 25g/25
Tripe Seasoning 20g/25
Black Minced Pepper 20g/25
Dried Parsley 6g/20
Tzatziki Spicy Sauce Seasoning 20g/25
Nitrite Salt 50g/23
Sweet Paprika 20g/25
Spicy Grill Seasoning 20g/25
Old Traditional Polish Garlic 20g/25
Ground Nutmeg 10g/30
Citric Acid 20g/25
Baking Soda 50g/23
Garlic Salt 40g/25
Whole Cumin 20g/25
Cloves 10g/18
Dried Onion 15g/25
Grinded Cumin 20g/25
Dried Dill 6g/25
Whole Allspice 15g/18
Bay Leaf 6g/25
Minced Allspice 15g/25
Lovage 10g/20
Ground Cinammon 15g/30
White Mustard Gorczyca Biala 30g/25
Old Traditional Polish Chicken Seasoning 25g/25
Granulated Garlic 20g/25
Herbal Pepper 20g/25
Cayenne Pepper 15g/25
Black Grained Pepper 20g/23
Chicken Seasoning 30g/25
Goulash Seasoning 20g/25
Sour Cucumber Spice Blend 40g/12
Lemon Pepper 20g/25
Turkey Seasoning 25g/25
Classic Pork Shoulder Seasoning 20g/25
Juniper Berry 15g/18
Fish Seasoning 20g/25
Kebab-gyros Seasoning 30g/25
Roast Meat Seasoning 20g/25
Gingerbread Seasoning 20g/25
Curry 20g/25
Classic Grill Seasoning 20g/30
Beef Seasoning 20g/25
Himalayan Salt 350g/8 SANTE
Black Pepper Whole 20g/20
White Pepper Ground 15g/25
Black Pepper Crushed With Coriander 5g/20
Lemon Pepper 20g/25
Garlic Pepper 20g/25
Coloured Pepper Whole 16g/20
Cumin Ground 15g/20
Seasoning For Chinese Dishes 25g/25
Lovage 8g/25
Ground Nutmeg 9g/20
Rosemary 15g/20
Seasoning For Chicken With Cardamon 30g/25
Coriander Leaves 6g/20
Seasoning For Arabic Dishes Kebab-Shoarma 25g/25
Seasoning For Cucumber In Brine 35g/19
Seasoning Doe Stews 30g/20
Seasoning For Aromatic Trout With Dill 8g/28
Seasoning For Cheesecake And Cheesebase 20g/25
Seasoning For Gyros With Chilli 30g/25
Goulash Seasoning 25g/25
Sweet Paprika 20g/25
Hot Paprika 20g/25
Coriander Seeds 15g/20
Thyme 10g/20
Oregano 10g/20
Seasoning For Fish 20g/25
Herbs De Provence 10g/20
Seasoning For Apple Pie 20g/20
Seasoning For Sour Rye Soup And White Borscht 25g/20
Seasoning For Pates 17g/18
Chilli 15g/20
Turmeric 20g/20
Seasoning Dor Grilled Meat Spicy 25/g20
Greek Herbs 10/20
Seasoning For Mexican Dishes 25g/25
Seasoning For Rabbit 15g/25
Herbs De Provence 10g/20
Seasoning For Turkey 25g/20
Seasoning For Goose 25g/25
Seasoning For Tzatziki Sauce 20g/30
Seasoning For Minced Meat With Dried Tomatos 20g/20
Seasoning For Bean Dish 20g/20
Seasoning For Gingerbread 20g/20
Seasoning For Grilled Chicken 18g/28
Garlic Petals 5g/15
Seasoning For Pork 20g/25
Ground Cardamon 10g/20
Seasoning For Tripe 20g/25
Dried Tomatoes With Olives 15g/20
Seasoning For Cabbage Dish 20g/25
Bay Leaves 6g/15
Marjoram 8g/20
All Spice Ziele Angielskie 15g/20
Seasoning For Gyros 30g/25
Piri Piri Whole Hot Paprika 8g/15
Traditional Polish Chicken Seasoning 25g/20
Seasoning For Veal 20g/20
Granulated Garlic 20g/30
Herbs For Salads 10g/20
Seasoning For Ribs 25g/25
Black Pepper Ground 20g/25
Caraway Seeds 15g/20
Parslay With Garlic 10g/20
Parsley 8g/20
Herb Pepper 15g/20
Seasoning For Italian Dishes 25g/25
Caraway Ground 20g/20
Dried Tomatoes With Basil And Garlic 15g/20
Seasoning For Grilled Meat Classic 25g/20
Green Pepper Whole 12g/20
Dried Tomatoes With Chilli 15g/20
Seasoning For Minced Meat 20g/20
Seasoning For Gold Chicken 30g/30
Juniper Fruit 15g/20
Ground Ginger 15g/20
Herbs For Salmon With Lemon 18g/28
Sugar With A Genuine Vanilla And A Hint Of Cardamon 20g/25
Seasoning For Cucumber 35g/19
Traditional Polish Granulated Garlic 20g/25
Seasoning For Grilled Fiery Chicken Wings 25g/28
Colourful Garlic 20g/25
Seasoning For Potato Dishes 25g/2
Seasoning For Hungarian Chicken 25g/25
Dried Dill 6g/25
Cloves 9g/15
Ground Cinammon 15g/20
Savory 10g/20
White Mustard Seeds 30g/20
Basil 10g/20
Garlic Salt 35g/20
Mediterranean Herbs 10g/20
Curry 20g/25
Fiery Pepper Big Pack 70g/10
Szcyzpiorek 5g/20
Seasoning For Tzatziki Sauce 20g/30
Sarepta Mustard 185g/8
Russian Mustard 180g/8
Horseradish Mustard 185g/8
Muszt. Bawarska 185g/6
Muszt. Grillowa 185g/8
Deli Mustard 185g/8
Muszt. Czosnkowa 185g/8
Honey Mustard 185g/8
Dijon Mustard 185g/8
Muszt. Ognista 185g/6
Sarepta Mustard 280g/6
Horseradish Mustard 290g/6
Deli Mustard 290g/6
Musztard Grillowa 290g/6 Tuba KAMIS
Russian Mustard 280g/6
Pasta Thin Thread Nr. 11 1000g/10
Pasta Thick Thread Nr. 10 1000g/10
Pasta Thread Nest Nr.229 1000g/10
Pasta Thick Ribbon Nr.13 1000g/10
Grandmas Noddles No.02 250g/28
Home Made Noodles Redzinski No. 04 250g/28
Noddles Leon Cook 250g/28
Pasta Thick Ribbon No. 21 400g/12
Pasta Thin Ribbon No. 22 400g/12
Pasta Thin Thread No.37 400g/12
Pasta Thick Thread No.38 400g/12
Pasta Thread Nest No. 209 400g/12
Pasta Thin Ribbon Nest No.210 400g/12
Pasta Rigati Nr. 29 400g/12
Square Pasta No.195 250g/24
Square Noodles Nr.24 500g/20
Pasta Elbows Nr.132 400g/12
Grandmas Home-made Pasta Thin Thread Nr.03 500g/20
Grandmas Home-made Pasta Thin Thread Ribbon Nr.17 500g/20
Grandmas Home-made Pasta Thick Thread Ribbon Nr.19 500g/20
Pasta Tortellini Nr. 98 400g/12
Pasta Ruffles Nr. 140 400g/12
Pasta Shell Muszelka No. 62 400g/12
Pasta Fusilli No. 44 400g/12
Pasta Rings Nr. 90 400g/12
Golden Bihon 227g/60
Special Palabok 227g/60
Golden Bihon 454g/30
Special Palabok 454g/30
Dried Vegetables 100g/10
Universal Vegetable Seasoning 200g/20
Universal Vegetable Seasoning 500g/12
Universal Vegetable Seasoning 1kg/15
Light Gravy Sauce 28g/25
Dark Gravy Sauce 28g/25
Champignon Sauce 28g/25
Instant Red Borsch 48g/25
Instant Silesian Sour Rye Soup 46g/20
Instant Mushroom Soup 42g/20
Instant White Borsch Soup 40g/25
Instant Pea Soup 45g/25
Mild Ketchup 450g/6
Hot Ketchup 450g/6
Maka Universalna 1kg/10
Maka Wroclawska Puszysta 1kg/10
Maka Poznanska Puszysta 1kg/10
Maka Tortowa Puszysta 1kg/10
Masa Makowa Z Bakaliam 900g/6
Masa Makowa Premium 900g/6
Gniazdka Wstazki 500g/8
Gniazdka Nitki 500g/8
Wstegi 500g/8
Krajanka 250g/30
Kluski 250g/20
Niteczka 250g/20
Fala 250g/20
Swiderek 250g/14
Muszelki 250g/18
Lazanka 500g/20
Literki 250g/16
Lazanka 400g/12
Nitka 400g/12
Wstazka Waska 400g/12
Kolanko 400g/12
Falbanka 400g/12
Piora 400g/12
Swiderek 400g/12
Kashubian Cucumbers 640g/6
Cossack Cucumbers 640g/6
Sweet Cucumbers 640g/6
Borderland Cucumbers 500g/6
Golden Cucumbers 420g/6
Latosie Cucumber 640g (cs/6)
Chilli Cucumbers 640g/6
Garlic Cucumbers 640g/6
Marinated Red Peppers 600g/6
Marinated Yellow Peppers 600g/6
Red Cabbage With Apple 480g/6
Sandwich Cucumbers 720ml/6
Grandmas Fried Beetroots 480g/6
Grandmas Fried Carrot 480g/6
Grandmas Fried Cabbage 480g/6
Fried Carrot And Pea 520ml/6
Cabbage With Dill 480g/6
Fried Red Cabbage 520ml/6
Ogorki Kiszone 850g/6