Cookies & Confectionery

Chocolate Alpen Milk 100g
Chocolate Bubbly Apline Milk 90g/14
Chocolate Bubbly White 95g
Chocolate Caramel 100g
Chocolate Cherry Cream 100g
Chocolate Collage Fruit 93g/18
Chocolate Collage Fudge 93g/18
Chocolate Daim 100g/22
Chocolate Happy Cows 100g/23
Chocolate Hazelnut 100g/22
Chocolate Oreo 100g/22
Chocolate Oreo Sandwhich 90g/20
Chocolate Oreo Choco 100g/22 MILKA
Chocolate Milka Oreo White 100g/22 MILKA
Chocolate Raisins And Nuts 100g/22
Chocolate Raspberry Cream 100g/22
Chocolate Sandwhich LU 87g/22
Chocolate Sandwhich TUC 87g/18
Chocolate Strawberry 100g/22
Chocolate Toffee Cream 100g/23
Chocolate White 100g/22
Chocolate Milkinis 87.5g/20
Chocolate Yoghurt 100g/23
Chocolate Triple Caramel 90g/20
Chocolate Peanut Caramel 276g
Chocolate Triple Choco Cacao 90g/20
Milka Peanut Crispy Caramel 90g/24
Chocolate Wholenuts 270g/12
Chocolate Triolade 280g/15
Chocolate Toffee Wholenut 300g/12
Chocolate Choco And Biscuit 300g/12
Chocolate Oreo 300g/12
Chocolate Wafer 30/30g
Choco Moo 120g/20
Choco Sticks 112g/20
Sensations Choco Inside 156g/12
Sensations Soft Inside Choco 156g/12
Choc & Choc 150g/12
Choco Grain 126g/20
Sesame Bars Original (27g*24)/12
Sesame Bars Original (27g*3)/48
Sesame Bars Original (27g*3)/96
Sesame With Honey 45g/36
Sesame With Flax Seeds 45g/36
HIT Choco 220g/24
HIT Nuts 220g/24
HIT Coconut 220g/24
HIT Vanilla 220g/24
Kinder Bueno 43g/30
Kinder Bueno White 43g/30
Kinder Bueno Coconut 39g (cs/30) FERRERO
Kinder Egg 20g/72
Kinder Eggs For Girls (Pink) 20g
Kinder Joy Boys - Blue 20g/48 FERRERO
Kinder Joy Girls - Pink 20g/48 FERRERO
Kinder Chocolate 100g/10
Kinder Chocolate 50g/20
Kinder Country 23.5g/40
Kinder Delice Kakao 42g/20
Kinder Schoko - Bons 125g/16
Kinder Bueno Mini Bag 108g/16
Happy Hippo Cacao 103.5g/10
Raffaello Riegel 150g/6
Ferrero Collection 269g/4
TIC-TAC Green Mint 18g/24
TIC-TAC Mint 18g/24
TIC-TAC Orange 18g/24
TIC-TAC Strawberry 18g/24
TIC-TAC Apple Mix 18g/24
TIC-TAC Emotions 18g/24
Surprise Chocolate Egg Smurfs 20g/24 SKU : 20g
Surprise Chcocolate Egg - PJ Masks 20g/24 SKU : 20g
Surprise Chcocolate Egg - LOL 20g/24
Surprise Chocolate Egg - Trolls 20g/24
Surprise Chocolate Egg - Secret Life Of Pets 20g/24
Surprise Chocolate Egg - Paw Patrol 20g/24
Surprise Chocolate Egg - Angry Birds 20g/24
Surprise Chocolate Egg - Peppa Pig 20g/24
Surprise Chocolate Egg - Masha & Bear 20g/24
Surprise Chocolate Egg - Spongebob 20g/24
Surprise Chocolate Egg - Emoji 20g/24
Surprise Chocolate Egg - Hello Kitty 20g/24
Surprise Chocolate Egg - Barbie 20g/24
Surprise Chocolate Egg - My Little Pony 20g/24
Best Of: Lollipop Bag 12g/120
Best Of: Lollipop Carousel 12g/200
Fruity Can Of Lollipops 12g/150
XXL 4d Display 29g/25
Surprise Display 12g/16
Melody Pops Display 15g/48
Kit Kat 41.5g/24
Kit Kat 4F White 41.5g/24
Kit Kat Chunky 40g/36
Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter 42g/36
Kit Kat Chunky White 40g/36
Gaufrettes With Praline 200g/12
Happy Days Wafers With Cacao Cream 200g/12
Happy Days Wafers With Vanilla Cream 200g/12
Happy Days Wafers With Nut Cream 200g/12
Happy Bianco (Red) Coconut 140g/10
Happy Moka Coffee 140g/10
Happy Nero Nut 140g/10
Happy Oro Caramel 140g/10
Happy Frola 140g/10
Happy Wafers With Caco 200g/10
Happy Wafers With Vanilla 200g/10
Ritto Butter Biscuit In Dark Chocolate 125g/18
Ritto Butter Biscuit In Milk Chocolate 125g/18
Rosetto White And Milk Chocolate 125g/14
Rosetto White And Dark Chocolate 125g/14
ALVARO Caramel Wafer Rolls In Chocolate 120g/14
Moreno Cacao Wafer Rolls In Chocolate 120g/14
Halls Original (Coolwave) 33.5g/20
Halls Honey Lemon 33.5g/20
Halls Extra Strong 33.5g/20
Halls Vitamin C Lime 33.5g/20
Halls Vitamin C Strawberry 33.5g/20
Halls Forest Fruit 33.5g/20
Halls Mild Spearmint 33.5g/20
Halls Watermelon 33.5g/20
Chocolate Nussbeisser With Whole Nuts 100g/20
Wizard Price Long Legs 70g/24
Fairy Princess Long Legs 70g/24
Large White Marshmallows 283g/36
Mini White Marshmallows 283g/36
Marshies Vanilla Marshmallows 80g/24
Marshies Choco - Vanilla Marshmallows 80g/24
Marshies Strawberry Marshmallows 80g/24
Marshies Vanilla Marshmallows 250g/20
Marshies Choco - Vanilla Marshmallo250g/20
Marshies Strawberry Marshamallows 250g/20
Smallows Mango Marshmallows 150g/20
Smallows Mango Marshmallows 70g/24
Mentos Fruit 38g/40
Mentos Mint 38g/40
Mentos Rainbow 38g/40
Mentos Strong Mint 38g/40
Mentos Say Hello Lemonade 38g/40
Mentos Cherry & Pineapple 38g/40
Mentos Strawberry Mix 38g/40
Cherrissimo Classic In Gift Bag 285g/7
Cherrissimo Classic With Cover 310g/7
Cherrissimo Classic 155g/10
Amoretta Classic In Gift Bag 324g/7
Amoretta Classic With Cover 324g/7
Amoretta Desserts In Gift Bag 325g/7
Amoretta Desserts With Cover 325g/7
Chocoladorro In Gift Bag 178g/16
Chocoladorro 178g/16
French Truffles Chocolate 175g/16
French Truffles Hazelnut 175g/16
Michaszki Duo 220g/12
Michaszki 260g/12
Trufle Original 230g/12
Marcepan 230g/12
Trufle Original 260g/12
Marcepan 260g/12
Toffee Dipped In Chocolate Box 200g/8
Your Secret 324g/8
Cherries In Liqour 155g/6
Cherries In Liqour 258g/8
Cherrissimo Exclusive With Cover 310g/7
Milanowek Milk Fudge 1kg/5
Milanowek Chocolate Fudge 1kg/5
Milanowek Milk Fudge 300g/24
Milanowek Chocolate Fudge 300g/24
Halwa Vanilla 350g/12
Halwa Chocolate 350g/12
Halwa Pistachios 350g/12
Halwa Chocolate 700g/12
Halwa Pistachios 700g/8
Halwa Vanilla 700g/12
Baton Milky Way 21.5g/56
Knoppers Bar 40g/40
Mini Goodies 750g/5
Patterned Lollipops Mix 10g/100
Patterned Lollipops Mix 26g/50
Patterned Lollipops Smile 10g/100
Patterned Lollipops Smile 26g/50
Star Pops Lollipops 150g/18
Chocolate Coated Marshmallows 380g/7
Classic 18g/56
Classic 35g/32
Ricoa Flat Tops Chocolate Candy 150g/24
Ricoa Curly Tops (twisted-wrapped) Chocolate 150g/24
Almond Pralines 2.5kg
Cherries in Liqour Pralines 2.5kg
Choco-Choco Pralines 2.5kg
Delfina P. 20g/24
Wiosenne Gelly In Chocolate 200g/12
Wiosenne Gelly In Chocolate Mix 3kg
Golden Adovcaat Pralines 2.5kg
Golden Nut Pralines 2.5kg
Koko-Coco Pralines 2.5kg
Pistachio Pralines 2.5kg
Plum in Chocolate 3kg
Plum In Chocolate 350g
Kopiko Cappuccino Candy 100g/12
Kopiko Coffee Candy 100g/12
MAMBA Gum Strap 26.5g/24
MAMBA Gum Strap Duo 26.5g/24
Chewing Candies 70g/30
Tago Excellent 240g/11
Duet Gingerbread 190g/6
Family Duet Gingerbread 180g/6
Dark Chocolate Bar 100g/18
Milk Chocolate Bar 100g/18
Milk Chocolate With Fruit & Nut 100g/16
Milk Chocolate With Nut 100g/16
Milk Chocolate Double Nut 100g/18
Milk Chocolate Cream Fudge 100g/16
Milk Chocolate Strawberry 100g/18
Bitter 43% Chocolate 100g/18
Milk Chocolate Blueberry 100g/18
Dark Chocolate 90% Cocoa 100g/12
Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa 100g/12
Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa With Orange 100g/12
Milk Chocolate Premium Bar 100g/12
Milk With Coconut Chocolate Premium Bar 100g/12
No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate 100g/12
No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate 100g/18
No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate With Coconut 100g/18
No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate With Orange 100g/18
Choco & Fruit Jellies In Chocolate 195g/7
Truffles 195g/7
Choco & Peanut Candies 195g/7
Milky & Peanut Candies 195g/7
Coco & Peanut Candies 195g/7
Fruit & Nut Candies 195g/7
Jelly Kids Fresh & Fruity 160g/13
Jelly Sour Fresh & Fruit 160g/13
Cocoa Powder 100g/36
Sweet Party 800g/6
Choco & Fruity 800g/6
Jedyna Desser Chocolate 100g/20
Milk Chocolate 100g/20
White Chocolate 90g/22
Milk Chocolate With Fruits & Nuts 100g/20
Milk Chocolate With Hazelnuts 90g/20
Milk Chocolate With Strawberry Filling 100g/20
Milk Chocolate With Toffee Filling 100g/20
Milk Chocolate With Raspberry Filling 100g/20
Dark Chocolate With Cherry Filling 100g/20
Milk Chocolate With Peach/cranberry 100g/20
Milk Chocolate With Orange/mango 100g/20
Milk Chocolate With Blueberry & Wild Strawberry Filling 100g/20
Dark Chocolate With Coconut Filling 100g/20
Cappuccino Milk Chocolate 100g/19
Espresso Dark Chocolate 100g/19
Crème Brulee Dark Chocolate 100g/19
Panna Cotta Dark Chocolate 100g/19
Tiramisu Dark Chocolate 100g/19
Luksusowa Chocolate With Hazelnut 100g/12
Luksusowa Chocolate With Hazelnut 160g/10
Luksusowa Chocolate With Hazelnut 220g/10
Dark Chocolate 50% 100g/20
Dark Chocolate 64% 100g/20
Caramel White Chocolate With Wafer Flakes 90g/20
Caramel White Chocolate With Salty Peanuts 90g/20
Supreme Jaffa Raspberry 147g/24
Supreme Jaffa Orange 147g/24
Supreme Jaffa Cherry 147g/24
Vanilla Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Creamy Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Lemon Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Chocolate Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Cinnamon - Vanilla Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Vanilla - Chocolate Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Caramel Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Wedal Blend Chocolate Candies Mix 229g/12
Wafer In Dark Chocolate 250g/12
Mieszanka Wedlowska 3kg
Fabulous Candy Bulk 3kg
Pierrot Candy Bulk 3kg
Barrels Cocktail 200g/10
Barrels 200g/10
Pawelek Milk Chocolate Bar With Creamy Filling 45g/24
Pawelek Dark Chocolate Bar With Advocaat Filling 45g/24
Pawelek Milk Chocolate Bar With Toffee Filling 45g/24
Big Babol Strawberry 50g/20
Big Babol Green Apple 50g/20
Big Babol Tutti Frutti 50g/20
Big Babol Cola 50g/20
LION Bar 42g/40
LION Bar White 42g/40
Lion Bar To Go Chocolate 33g/24
Lion Bar To Go Peanut 33g/24
Mega Tube Smarties 130g /20
Smarties 38g/36
Merci Dark 72% 100g/15
Merci Coffee Cream 100g/15
Merci Milk 100g/15
Merci Almond 100g/15
Merci Marzipan 112g/15
Rice Cakes With Milk Chocolate 90g/16
Rice Cakes With Dark Chocolate 90g/16
Rice Cakes With Dark Chocolate And Mint 68g/20
Rice Cakes With Dark Chocolate And Orange 72g/20
Rice Cakes With Millk Chocolate And Salted Caramel 70g/20