Kinder Bueno 43g
Kinder Bueno White 43g
Kinder Chocolate 100g
Kinder Chocolate 50g
Kinder Country 23.5g/40
Kinder Egg 20g
Kinder Eggs for Girls (Pink) 20g
Kinder Schoko - Bons 125g/16
Kinder Bueno Mini Bag 108g/16
TIC-TAC Mint 18g/24
TIC-TAC Orange 18g/24
TIC-TAC Strawberry 18g/24
TIC-TAC Apple Mix 18g/24
Best of: Lollipop Bag 12g/120
Best of: Lollipop Carousel 12g/200
Surprise Display 12g/16
Melody Pops Display 15g/48
Kit Kat 41.5g/24
Kit Kat Chunky 40g/36
Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter 42g/36
Kit Kat Chunky White 40g/36
Gaufrettes with Praline 200g/12
Happy Days Wafers with Cacao Cream 200g/12
Happy Days Wafers with Nut Cream 200g/12
Happy Days Wafers with Vanilla Cream 200g/12
Happy Bianco (Red) Coconut 140g/10
Happy Moka Coffee 140g/10
Happy Nero Nut 140g/10
Happy Oro Caramel 140g/10
Happy Frola 140g/10
Ritto Butter Biscuit In Dark Chocolate 125g/18
Rosetto White And Dark Chocolate 125g/14
ALVARO Caramel Wafer Rolls in Chocolate 120g/14
Moreno Cacao Wafer Rolls In Chocolate 120g/14
Halls Original (Coolwave) 33.5g/20
Halls Extra Strong 33.5g/20
Halls Forest Fruit 33.5g/20
Halls Mild Spearmint 33.5g/20
Halls Watermelon 33.5g/20
Chocolate Nussbeisser With Whole Nuts 100g/20
Wizard Price Long Legs 70g/24
Fairy Princess Long Legs 70g/24
Large White Marshmallows 283g/36
Mini White Marshmallows 283g/36
Marshies Vanilla Marshmallows 80g/24
Marshies Choco - Vanilla Marshmallows 80g/24
Marshies Strawberry Marshmallows 80g/24
Marshies Vanilla Marshmallows 250g/20
Marshies Choco - Vanilla Marshmallo250g/20
Marshies Strawberry Marshamallows 250g/20
Smallows Mango Marshmallows 150g/20
Smallows Mango Marshmallows 70g/24
Mentos Fruit
Mentos Mint
Mentos Rainbow
Mentos Strong Mint
Mentos Say Hello Lemonade
Chocoladorro 178g/16
Magnifique 188g/8
French Truffles Chocolate 175g/16
French Truffles Hazelnut 175g/16
Trufle Original 230g/12
Trufle Original 260g/12
Marcepan 230g/12
Marcepan 260g/12
Toffee Dipped In Chocolate Box 200g/8
Your Secret 324g*8
Cherries In Liqour 258g/8
Milanowek Milk Fudge 300g/24
Milanowek Chocolate Fudge 300g/24
Chocolate Alpen Milk 100g
Chocolate Bubbly Apline Milk 90g/14
Chocolate Bubbly White 95g
Chocolate Caramel 100g
Chocolate Cherry Cream 100g
Chocolate Collage Fruit 93g/18
Chocolate Collage Fudge 93g/18
Chocolate Daim 100g
Chocolate Happy Cows 100g
Chocolate Hazelnut 100g
Chocolate Oreo 100g
Chocolate Raisins and Nuts 100g
Chocolate Raspberry Cream 100g
Chocolate Sandwhich LU 87g
Chocolate Sandwhich TUC 87g
Chocolate Strawberry 100g
Chocolate Toffee Cream 100g
Chocolate White 100g
Chocolate Yoghurt 100g
Chocolate Triple Caramel 90g/20
Chocolate Triple Choco Cacao 90g/20
Chocolate Oreo Sandwhich 90g/20
Milka Peanut Crispy Caramel 90g/24
Chocolate Wholenuts 250g/12
Chocolate Triolade 280g/15
Chocolate Toffee Wholenut 300g/12
Chocolate Choco And Biscuit 300g/12
Chocolate Oreo 300g/12
Chocolate Wafer 30/30g
Choco Sticks 112g/20
Sensations Choco Inside 156g/12
Sensations Soft Inside Choco 156g/12
Choc & Choc 150g/12
Choco Grain 126g/20
Baton Milky Way 21.5g
LION Bar 42g/40
LION Bar White 42g/40
Smarties 38g/36
Mini Goodies 750g/5
Sesame Bars Original (27g/24)*12
Sesame Bars Original (27g/3)*96
Sesame Bars Original 27g/24
Sesame With Honey 45g/36
Sesame With Flax Seeds 45g/36
Patterned Lollipops Smile 10g/100
Patterned Lollipops Smile 26g/50
Star Pops Lollipops 150g/18
Chocolate Coated Marshmallows 380g/7
Classic 18g/56
Classic 35g/32
Ricoa Flat Tops Chocolate Candy 150g/24
Almond Pralines 2.5kg
Cherries in Liqour Pralines 2.5kg
Choco-Choco Pralines 2.5kg
Golden Adovcaat Pralines 2.5kg
Golden Nut Pralines 2.5kg
Koko-Coco Pralines 2.5kg
Pistachio Pralines 2.5kg
Plum in Chocolate 3kg
Plum In Chocolate 350g
Kopiko Cappuccino Candy 100g/12
Kopiko Coffee Candy 100g/12
MAMBA Gum Strap 26.5g/4
MAMBA Gum Strap Duo 26.5g/4
Chewing Candies 70g/30
Jedyna Desser Chocolate 100g/20
Milk Chocolate With Fruits & Nuts 100g/20
Crème Brulee Dark Chocolate 100g/19
Panna Cotta Dark Chocolate 100g/19
Tiramisu Dark Chocolate 100g/19
Dark Chocolate 50% 100g/20
Dark Chocolate 64% 100g/20
Supreme Jaffa Raspberry 147g/24
Supreme Jaffa Orange 147g/24
Supreme Jaffa Cherry 147g/24
Cinnamon - Vanilla Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Caramel Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Wafer In Dark Chocolate 250g/12
Fabulous Candy Bulk 3kg
Pierrot Candy Bulk 3kg
Barrels Cocktail 200g/10
Barrels 200g/10
Pawelek Milk Chocolate Bar With Creamy Filling 45g/24
Pawelek Dark Chocolate Bar With Advocaat Filling 45g/24
Pawelek Milk Chocolate Bar With Toffee Filling 45g/24
Espresso Dark Chocolate 100g/19
Cappuccino Milk Chocolate 100g/19
Big Babol Cola 50g/20
Kit Kat 4f White 41.5g/24
Mega Tube Smarties 130g /20
Lion Bar To Go Chocolate 33g/24
Lion Bar To Go Peanut 33g/24
Merci Dark 720g/15
Merci Coffee Cream 100g/15
Merci Milk 100g/15
Merci Marzipan 112g/15
Halva Cocoa Vanilla 50g/20