Milka is one of the world's most beloved – and recognizable – chocolate brands. Made with 100% Alpine milk, Milka has been delighting consumers in Germany and beyond since 1901. The brand, with its unique lilac-colored packaging and Lila, the Milka cow, have a dedicated “cow-munity” of adoring fans around the world.

The Nutro Gusto range is synonymous with healthy and wholesome. Nutro Gusto products are perfect for anywhere and everywhere; our premium European honey for your pantry, and our snack size sesame bars and dried mangoes as the ultimate non-guilty pleasure.

The story of Flis began in 1992; through the years Flis has stayed true to its family traditions and continued to produce a wide variety of crispy wafers with layers of hazelnut, elegantly rolled wafers and classic butter biscuits with a premium chocolate base.

Marshies Marshmallows are produced by Markenburg - a leading Asian manufacturer of confectionery goods, who has successfully been catering to the needs of this market for over a decade. Their marshmallows lend themselves perfectly to snacking, roasting or as a topping for your favorite desserts with the added benefit of being gelatin free and Halal. The Classic Marshmallows in varying sizes are always a crowd favorite but the real winners are the unique and deliciously sweet flavors including Mango and strawberry.

Jasmine Foods was established with a vision to create a trusted and efficient means for customers and retailers to access the highest quality Mediterranean food products on the market. We are proud to have remained true to this mission, as one of the most distinguished and value-added distributors in the industry. Based in British Columbia, the facility is home to a plethora of unique products like baklava, tahini, oils, dried dates, halva and various grains to name a few.

With products ranging from fruity lollipops to chocolate covered marshmallows, the Ogusto range is designed to put the fun & flavor back in sweets. You will find an Ogusto for every kind of sweet tooth,both young and old!

With the Wawel history beginning over 100 years ago, the company has established a reputation of being synonymous with exquisite taste and high quality. The proven recipes, specially selected ingredients and raw materials give each bite an excellent taste. The Selection of Milk, Dark and White Chocolate in a variety of flavor parings such as cranberries and blueberries are sure to please even the most sophisticated of palates.

Regarded as a symbol of chocolate and refined taste, E. Wedel is the oldest Poland’s chocolate brand. Its taste exceptionally blends tradition with modern touches, done so with anoriginal and carefully guarded recipe

Kupiec is a reliable and proven Polish brand that continuously promotes high quality. The products are packed with nutritional values, based on crops taken straight from the field to retain their natural flavors. We value tradition and use products well-established in Polish cuisine while also expressing our enthusiasm and energy to seek out and promote new flavors and snacks for the healthy joy in eating.

Based in Poland, Caprio products are fruit drinks popularized among consumers looking for quality at an affordable price. High in vitamins, they are available in different flavors and are a great proposition for the whole family.

The Tymbark and Caprio line of juices, delicious nectars, and refreshing beverages make it hard to choose a favorite. Each product is made with nutrition and flavor in mind with the best quality fruits and vegetables used.

BIOFIX herbal teas offer the natural way to help us take care of our health and well being. All Ingredients come from organic plantations located in the cleanest regions of Poland. Biofix Products are synonymous with high quality and affordability for everyone.

Relax with a hot cup of LOYD tea. The specially crafted pyramid bags are convenient to use and provide a strong flavor. The LOYD Loose Leaf Teas are the perfect enhancers for pots of tea. We offer a wide variety of flavor profiles to choose from including fruity, warming, mint, functional teas and many more. The Aroma of each cup creates a true LOYD Magical Experience.

The crisp taste of Mokate is present in their aromatic coffees and convenient to go breakfast. Experience the full range of taste and the rich diversity of flavors instantaneously through its premium quality cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, instant coffee and smooth coffee creamer.

Łowicz is a family of fruit and vegetable products that upholds a reputation for combining tradition with an openness to new challenges and flavors. In terms of tomato products in ready-made meals and fruit syrups, it remains a strong player and is additionally a market leader in jam products. Available since 1965, a broad range ofproducts are offered and results confirm consumer confidence in Łowicz.

Europicks is our growing range of pantry essentials: completely raw and naturally preserved.It is a household favorite due to high quality European Ingredients, fermented to keep the food naturally fresh while being an absolute blessing to your digestive health!

Sante is one of the leading manufacturers of functional foods. Their mission is to promote healthy lifestyle by educating consumers and providing them with health conscious and delicious food options that support an active lifestyle. The Sante Granola and Muesli products provide interesting variety to your traditional breakfast routine however, their selection of bars and rice cakes in varying flavor combinations are the perfect healthy snack.

Crispico snacks continue to be a leader within our Specialty snacking category. With consumer trends moving towards more specialized items and flavors, we can provide you with the just the flavor you are looking for, may it be sweet or savory. Crispico breadsticks are a perfect accompaniment for Salad Bars, Cheese Trays, Soups, Deli Platters, Dips, and of course, on their own.

Canachef, is your solution at the end of a busy day. No time to prepare dinner? We've got everything covered with our growing range of Halal Heat 'n' Eat meals with flavors so unique that it will be hard to choose just one!