Maggi Seasoning 200g/20
Maggi Seasoning 960g/6
GK Chicken Broth with pasta 12g/26
GK Tomato with Pasta 16g/26
GK Red Borsch with Croutons 16g/30
GK Pea Soup with Croutons 21g/30
GK Zurek Soup with Croutons 13g/30
Red Borsch 49g/20
Zurek Soup with Mushrooms 49g/30
Krpunik Polish Soup 59g/25
Bean Soup 63g/25
Pea Soup 75g/25
Chicken Soup Noodles 48g/20
Vegetable Soup 48g/25
Tomato Soup 50g/28
Ogonowa Soup 40g/32
Zurek Soup 49g/30
Mushroom Soup 48g/30
White Borsch 66g/30
Jak u Mamy Cucumber Soup 42g/30
Jak u Mamy White Borsch with Mushrooms 40g/25
Jak u Mamy Zurek with Smoked Bacon 46g/25
Jak u Mamy Boletus Soup 44g/25
Jak u Mamy Champignon Soup 44g/22
Jak u Mamy Broccoli Soup 49g/30
Bouillon Chicken Veg 120g/16
Bouillon Chicken Beef 120g/16
Bouillon Chicken 120g/16
Veal Bouillon 120g/16
Ribs Bouillon 120g/16
Beef Bouillon 120g/16
Chicken & Herbal Bouillon 120g/16
Vegetable Bouillon 120g/16
Red Borsch Express 60g/30
Red Borsch Instant 170g/10
Chicken Borth Instant 170g/10
Mayo Decorative 400ml/8
Mayo Decorative 700ml/6
Gravy Sauce Dark 700ml/6
Gravy Sauce Light 27g/35
Tomato Sauce 33g/37
Dill Sauce with Cream 27g/37
Gravy Sauce Cream 27g/35
Mushroom Sauce 28g/37
Champignon Sauce 30g/35
Gravy Sauce Delicate 34g/35
Jak u Mamy Staropolski Sauce 32g/22
Jak u Mamy Hunter Sauce 30g/22
Jak u Mamy Boletus Sauce 33g/20
Danie 5 Minut Puree Bacon 51g/8
Danie 5 Minut Puree with Onions & Croutons 57g/8
Gelatine 50g/22
WINIARY elly Strawberry 71g/22
Jelly Wild Strawberry 71g/22
Jelly Peach 71g/22
Jelly Cherry 71g/22
Jelly Raspberry 71g/22
Jelly Gooseberry 71g/22
Jelly Lemon 71g/22
Jelly Orange 71g/22
Jelly Cranberry 71g/22
Jelly Blueberry 47g/25
Kisiel Wild Strawberry with Sugar 77g/25
Kisiel Cherry with Sugar 77g/25
Kisiel Raspberry with Sugar 77g/25
Kisiel Lemon with Sugar 77g/25
Kisiel Strawberry with Sugar 77g/25
Kisiel Cranberry with Sugar 77g/25
Kisiel Orange with Sugar 77g/25
Kisiel Peach with Sugar 77g/25
Budyn Cream with Sugar 60g/30
Budyn Vanilla with Sugar 60g/30
Sugar Free Budyn Cream 35g/30
Sugar Free Budyn Vanilla 35g/30