Regarded as a symbol of chocolate and refined taste, E. Wedel is the oldest Poland’s chocolate brand. Its taste exceptionally blends tradition with modern touches, done so with anoriginal and carefully guarded recipe.

Jedyna Desser Chocolate 100g/20
Milk Chocolate 100g/20
White Chocolate 90g/22
Milk Chocolate With Fruits & Nuts 100g/20
Milk Chocolate With Hazelnuts 90g/20
Milk Chocolate With Strawberry Filling 100g/20
Milk Chocolate With Toffee Filling 100g/20
Milk Chocolate With Raspberry Filling 100g/20
Dark Chocolate With Cherry Filling 100g/20
Milk Chocolate With Peach/cranberry 100g/20
Milk Chocolate With Orange/mango 100g/20
Milk Chocolate With Blueberry & Wild Strawberry Filling 100g/20
Dark Chocolate With Coconut Filling 100g/20
Cappuccino Milk Chocolate 100g/19
Espresso Dark Chocolate 100g/19
Crème Brulee Dark Chocolate 100g/19
Panna Cotta Dark Chocolate 100g/19
Tiramisu Dark Chocolate 100g/19
Luksusowa Chocolate With Hazelnut 100g/12
Luksusowa Chocolate With Hazelnut 160g/10
Luksusowa Chocolate With Hazelnut 220g/10
Dark Chocolate 50% 100g/20
Dark Chocolate 64% 100g/20
Caramel White Chocolate With Wafer Flakes 90g/20
Caramel White Chocolate With Salty Peanuts 90g/20
Supreme Jaffa Raspberry 147g/24
Supreme Jaffa Orange 147g/24
Supreme Jaffa Cherry 147g/24
Vanilla Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Creamy Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Lemon Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Chocolate Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Cinnamon - Vanilla Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Vanilla - Chocolate Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Caramel Marshmallows (ptasie Mleczko) 380g/18
Wedal Blend Chocolate Candies Mix 229g/12
Wafer In Dark Chocolate 250g/12
Mieszanka Wedlowska 3kg
Fabulous Candy Bulk 3kg
Pierrot Candy Bulk 3kg
Barrels Cocktail 200g/10
Barrels 200g/10
Pawelek Milk Chocolate Bar With Creamy Filling 45g/24
Pawelek Dark Chocolate Bar With Advocaat Filling 45g/24
Pawelek Milk Chocolate Bar With Toffee Filling 45g/24