Sante is one of the leading manufacturers of functional foods. Their mission is to promote healthy lifestyle by educating consumers and providing them with health conscious and delicious food options that support an active lifestyle. The Sante Granola and Muesli products provide interesting variety to your traditional breakfast routine however, their selection of bars and rice cakes in varying flavor combinations are the perfect healthy snack.

Himalayan Salt 350g/8 SANTE
Granola Fruit 350g/14
Granola Nuts 350g/14
Granola Pomegranate 350g/14
Granola Chocolate 350g/14
Granola Pomegranate 500g/14
Granola Fruit 500g/14
Granola Nuts 500g/14
Granola Chocolate 500g/14
Crispy Bread Wheat 150g/12
Crispy Bread Whole Wheat 150g/12
Crispy Bread With Tomatoes 150g/12
Crispy Bread With Olives 150g/16
Oat Cookies Cocoa 150g/16
Oat Cookies Natural 138g/16
Oat Cookies Cranberry 135g/16
Oat Cookies Coconut With Chocolate 170g/16
Barley Cookies Coconut With Chocolate 170g/16
Barley Cookies Coconut 130g/16
Barley Cookies Spicy 170g/16
Wheat Maca Traditional 180g/8
Wheat Maca Wholemeal 180g/8