Kashubian Cucumbers 640g/6
Cossack Cucumbers 640g/6
Sweet Cucumbers 640g/6
Borderland Cucumbers 500g/6
Golden Cucumbers 420g/6
Latosie Cucumber 640g (cs/6)
Chilli Cucumbers 640g/6
Garlic Cucumbers 640g/6
Marinated Red Peppers 600g/6
Marinated Yellow Peppers 600g/6
Red Cabbage With Apple 480g/6
Sandwich Cucumbers 720ml/6
Grandmas Fried Beetroots 480g/6
Grandmas Fried Carrot 480g/6
Grandmas Fried Cabbage 480g/6
Fried Carrot And Pea 520ml/6
Cabbage With Dill 480g/6
Fried Red Cabbage 520ml/6