The crisp taste of Mokate is present in their aromatic coffees and convenient to go breakfast. Experience the full range of taste and the rich diversity of flavors instantaneously through its premium quality cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, instant coffee and smooth coffee creamer.

Cappuccino Gold Hazelnut 100g/9
Cappuccino Gold Chocolate 100g/9
Cappuccino Gold Vanilla 100g/9
Cappuccino Gold Classic 100g/9
Cappuccino Gold Caramel 100g/9
Gold Premium Latte Classic 150g/9
Gold Premium Cappuccino Classic 150g/9
Gold Premium Cappuccino Chocolate 150g/9
Gold Premium Latte Caramel 150g/9
Gold Premium Cappuccino Latte Macciato 150g/9
Gold Premium Choco Dream with Belgian Chocolate 150g/9
Cappucino Rum 150g/9
Cappucino Hazelnut 150g/9
Cappucino Cream 150g/9
Cappucino Belgian Chocolate 150g/9
Cappucino with Magnesium 150g/9
Cappucino Vanilla 150g/9
Cappucino Classic Coffee 150g/9