Milka is one of the world's most beloved – and recognizable – chocolate brands. Made with 100% Alpine milk, Milka has been delighting consumers in Germany and beyond since 1901. The brand, with its unique lilac-colored packaging and Lila, the Milka cow, have a dedicated “cow-munity” of adoring fans around the world.

Chocolate Alpen Milk 100g
Chocolate Bubbly Apline Milk 90g/14
Chocolate Bubbly White 95g
Chocolate Caramel 100g
Chocolate Cherry Cream 100g
Chocolate Collage Fruit 93g/18
Chocolate Collage Fudge 93g/18
Chocolate Daim 100g/22
Chocolate Happy Cows 100g/23
Chocolate Hazelnut 100g/22
Chocolate Oreo 100g/22
Chocolate Oreo Sandwhich 90g/20
Chocolate Oreo Choco 100g/22 MILKA
Chocolate Milka Oreo White 100g/22 MILKA
Chocolate Raisins And Nuts 100g/22
Chocolate Raspberry Cream 100g/22
Chocolate Sandwhich LU 87g/22
Chocolate Sandwhich TUC 87g/18
Chocolate Strawberry 100g/22
Chocolate Toffee Cream 100g/23
Chocolate White 100g/22
Chocolate Milkinis 87.5g/20
Chocolate Yoghurt 100g/23
Chocolate Triple Caramel 90g/20
Chocolate Peanut Caramel 276g
Chocolate Triple Choco Cacao 90g/20
Milka Peanut Crispy Caramel 90g/24
Chocolate Wholenuts 270g/12
Chocolate Triolade 280g/15
Chocolate Toffee Wholenut 300g/12
Chocolate Choco And Biscuit 300g/12
Chocolate Oreo 300g/12
Chocolate Wafer 30/30g
Choco Moo 120g/20
Choco Sticks 112g/20
Sensations Choco Inside 156g/12
Sensations Soft Inside Choco 156g/12
Choc & Choc 150g/12
Choco Grain 126g/20