Marshies Marshmallows are produced by Markenburg - a leading Asian manufacturer of confectionery goods, who has successfully been catering to the needs of this market for over a decade. Their marshmallows lend themselves perfectly to snacking, roasting or as a topping for your favorite desserts with the added benefit of being gelatin free and Halal. The Classic Marshmallows in varying sizes are always a crowd favorite but the real winners are the unique and deliciously sweet flavors including Mango and strawberry.

Wizard Price Long Legs 70g/24
Fairy Princess Long Legs 70g/24
Large White Marshmallows 283g/36
Mini White Marshmallows 283g/36
Marshies Vanilla Marshmallows 80g/24
Marshies Choco - Vanilla Marshmallows 80g/24
Marshies Strawberry Marshmallows 80g/24
Marshies Vanilla Marshmallows 250g/20
Marshies Choco - Vanilla Marshmallo250g/20
Marshies Strawberry Marshamallows 250g/20
Smallows Mango Marshmallows 150g/20
Smallows Mango Marshmallows 70g/24