Relax with a hot cup of LOYD tea. The specially crafted pyramid bags are convenient to use and provide a strong flavor. The LOYD Loose Leaf Teas are the perfect enhancers for pots of tea. We offer a wide variety of flavor profiles to choose from including fruity, warming, mint, functional teas and many more. The Aroma of each cup creates a true LOYD Magical Experience.

Mint Tea 40g/10
Camomile Tea 30g/10
Mankuna Honey Tea with Lemon Camomille & Cardamom 30g/10
Manuka Honey Tea with Mint & Orange Flower 34g/10
Manuka Honey Tea with Cranberry Raspberry & Ginger 34g/10
Early Grey Tea 40g/10
Classic Black Tea 40g/10
Lemon Black Tea 34g/10
English Blend Tea 35g/10
Warming Tea Spicy Cherry 40g/10
Warming Tea Raspberry 40g/10
Warming Tea Juicy Lemon 40g/10
Warming Tea Sweet Plum 40g/10
Warming Tea Sunny Orange 40g/10
Yerba Mate Tea with Figs & Grape Fruit 34g/10
Yerba Mate Tea with Mandarine 34g/10
Yerba Matte Tea with Mint Lemongrass & Lemon 34g/10
Yerba Matte Tea with Pomegranate & Aloe Vera 34g/10
Black Tea With Mint 40g/10
Green Tea with Mint 40g/10
Black Tea With Cinnamon 40g/10
Green Tea with Lemon & Ginger 40g/10
Goodnights Sleep Tea 24g/10
Soothing The Throat Tea 40g/10
Support Digestion Tea 40g/10
Green Tea With Raspberry Flavour 40g/10
Green Tea Chun Mee 40g/10
Green Tea Gunpowder 40g/10
Green Tea Sencha 40g//10
Green Tea With Orange & Mandarine 30g/10
Green Tea With Lemon & Lemongrass 30g/10
Matcha Green Tea With Pure Matcha 30g/10
Matcha Green Tea With Pure Ginger Matcha 30g/10
Matcha Green Tea With Pure Mint Matcha 30g/10
Cranberry With Ginger Tea 40g/10
Blackcurrant With Elderberry Flower Tea 40g/10
Forest Fruits Tea 40g/10
Cranberry Tea 40g/10
Sweet Cherry Tea 40g/10
Blueberry & Cranberry Tea 40g/10
Rooibos Tea With Manuka HoneyRaspberry & Cranberry 40g/10
Herbal Mountain Tea 30g/10
Citrus Tea 40g/10
Quince & Mirabelle Tea 40g/10
Roobios Tea With Peach 34g/10
Rooibos Tea With Forest Fruits 34g/10
Raspberry & Strawberry Tea 40g/10
Rosehip & Apple Tea 40g/10
Strawberry & Vanilla Tea 40g/10
Blackberry & Blueberry Tea 40g/10
Green Tea With Prickly Pear & Marigoid Flower 40g/10
Strawberry & Rhubarb Tea 40g/10
Plum with Cinnamon Tea 40g/10
Pineapple & Pear Tea 40g/10
Nettle Tea with Lemongrass & Lemon 40g/10
Linden Tea With Lemon & Honey 40g/10
Mint Tea with Cranberry & Herbs 40g/10
Mulled Wine Tea - Raspberry 30g/4
Mulled Wine Tea - Plum 30g/4
Mulled Wine Tea - Honey 30g/4
Mulled Wine Tea - Traditional 30g/4