Łowicz is a family of fruit and vegetable products that upholds a reputation for combining tradition with an openness to new challenges and flavors. In terms of tomato products in ready-made meals and fruit syrups, it remains a strong player and is additionally a market leader in jam products. Available since 1965, a broad range ofproducts are offered and results confirm consumer confidence in Łowicz.

Strawberry Jam 280g/8
Cherry Jam 280g/8
Raspberry Jam 280g/8
Peach Jam 280g/8
Chokeberry Jam 280g/8
Blackcurrant Jam 280g/8
Blueberry Jam 280g/8
Apricot Jam 280g/8
Forest Fruit Jam 280g/8
Plum Preserves 290g/8
Strawberry Confiture 240g/8
Cherry Confiture 240g/8
Peach Confiture 240g/8
Raspberry Confiture 240g/8
Apricot Confiture 240g/8
Blackcurrant Confiture 240g/8
Forest Fruit Confiture 240g/8
Blueberry Confiture 240g/8
Dzem Truskawka 450g/6
Dzem Wisnia 450g/6
Dzem Czarna Porzeczka 450g/6
Red Borscht Concentrate 300ml/6
Sweet and Sour Sauce 500g/6
Spaghetti sauce 500g/6
Bolognese Sauce 500g/6