Kupiec is a reliable and proven Polish brand that continuously promotes high quality. The products are packed with nutritional values, based on crops taken straight from the field to retain their natural flavors. We value tradition and use products well-established in Polish cuisine while also expressing our enthusiasm and energy to seek out and promote new flavors and snacks for the healthy joy in eating.

Kasza Gryczana (4*100g)/12
Kasza Gryczana 400g/8
Kasza J. Perlowa Drobna 400g/8
Kasza J. Perlowa Srednia 400g/9
Kasza J. Perlowa Gruba 400g/10
Kasza Jeczmienna Peczak 400g/8
Kasza Jaglana 400g/8
Kasza Manna 400g/8
Kasza Manna Blyskawiczna 400g/8
P?atki Owsiane Górskie 400g/6
Maka Ziemniaczana 0.5kg/12
Maka Ziemniaczana 1kg/10
Fasolapi?kny Ja? Kar?owy 400g/8
Fasola Bia?a Drobna (Folia) 400g/8
Groch ?uskany Po?ówki (folia) 400g/8
Rice Cakes Original 120g/16
Rice Cakes with Sea Salt 120g/16
Rice Cakes with Sunflower SLIM 84g/12
Rice Cakes with Sesame SLIM 90g/12
Rice Cakes Multigrain SLIM 90g/12
Rice Cakes with Chia Seeds SLIM 90g/12
Rice Cakes with Dark Chocolate 90g/16
Rice Cakes with Milk Chocolate 900g/16