Jasmine Foods was established with a vision to create a trusted and efficient means for customers and retailers to access the highest quality Mediterranean food products on the market. We are proud to have remained true to this mission, as one of the most distinguished and value-added distributors in the industry. Based in British Columbia, the facility is home to a plethora of unique products like baklava, tahini, oils, dried dates, halva and various grains to name a few

Halwa Vanilla 350g/12
Halwa Chocolate 350g/12
Halwa Pistachios 350g/12
Halwa Chocolate 700g/12
Halwa Pistachios 700g/8
Halwa Vanilla 700g/12
Tuna In Water 170g/48
Tuna in Water in Oil & Vegetables Broth 170g/48
Tuna In Olive Oil 170g/48
Tuna In Water In Oil & Vegetables Broth Family 400g/24
Sardines In Soya Oil 120g/25
Sardines In Soya Oil With Chilli 120g/25
Sardines In Tomato Sauce 120g/25
Sardines In Tomato Sauce With Chilli 120g/25
Sardines In Soya Oil With Lemon 120g/25
Gabriel Mackrel In Soya Oil 25x120g
Gabriel Mackrel In Tomato Sauce
Gabriel Sliced Squid Portugese Sauce 25x120g
Gabriel Giant Squid Fisherman Sauce 25x120g
Gabriel Sardines With Pickles 25x120g
Green Olives 1kg/12
Green Olives With Rosemary 1kg/12
Green Olives With Thyme 1kg/12
Extra Virgin Oil 500ml/12
Extra Virgin Oil 750ml/12
Pomance Olive Oil 3l/6
Virgin Olive Oil 3L/6
Tunisian Dates 908g/12
Jasmine Tunisian Dates 25x200g
Jasmine Tunisian Dates 12x400g
Tunisian Pitted Dates in Cup 283g/24
Tunisian Pitted Dates In Cup 800g/12
Bam Dates 300g/20
Jasmine Bam Dates 12x600g