Sauerkraut 900ml/12
Sauerkraut With Carrot 900ml/12
Polish Dill Pickles 900ml/12
Cucumber In Brine 900ml/12
Sandwich Cucumbers 720ml/6
Dill Pickles With Red Peppers 900ml/12
Grated Beets 900ml/12
Red Cabbage With Apple 900ml/12
Grated Beets With Caraway 900ml/12
Shredded Red Cabbage 900ml/12
Vegetable Salad 900ml/12
Vegetable Dinner Salad 900ml/12
Old Polish Salad 900ml/12
Pickled Red Peppers 900ml/12
Marinated Champignon 900ml/12
Traditional Horseradish 190g/12