The story of Flis began in 1992; through the years Flis has stayed true to its family traditions and continued to produce a wide variety of crispy wafers with layers of hazelnut, elegantly rolled wafers and classic butter biscuits with a premium chocolate base.

Gaufrettes with Praline 200g/12
Happy Days Wafers with Cacao Cream 200g/12
Happy Days Wafers with Nut Cream 200g/12
Happy Days Wafers with Vanilla Cream 200g/12
Happy Bianco (Red) Coconut 140g/10
Happy Moka Coffee 140g/10
Happy Nero Nut 140g/10
Happy Oro Caramel 140g/10
Happy Frola 140g/10
Ritto Butter Biscuit In Dark Chocolate 125g/18
Rosetto White And Dark Chocolate 125g/14
ALVARO Caramel Wafer Rolls in Chocolate 120g/14
Moreno Cacao Wafer Rolls In Chocolate 120g/14