Crispico snacks continue to be a leader within our Specialty snacking category. With consumer trends moving towards more specialized items and flavors, we can provide you with the just the flavor you are looking for, may it be sweet or savory. Crispico breadsticks are a perfect accompaniment for Salad Bars, Cheese Trays, Soups, Deli Platters, Dips, and of course, on their own.

Snack Sticks with Sugar 125g/10
Snack Sticks with Sugar & Cinnamon 125g/10
Snack Sticks with Seeds 125g/10
Pop Snacks Savoury 125g/10
Snacks 2 Go With Sugar 50g/12
Snacks 2 Go With Sugar & Cinnamon 50g/12
Snacks 2 Go With Sugar & Seeds 50g/12
Snacks 2 Go Savoury 50g/12