BIOFIX herbal teas offer the natural way to help us take care of our health and well being. All Ingredients come from organic plantations located in the cleanest regions of Poland. Biofix Products are synonymous with high quality and affordability for everyone.

Classic Multifruit Tea (25*2g)/10
Classic Aronia Tea (25*2g)/10
Classic Cherry Tea (25*2g)/10
Classic Rosehip Tea (25*2g)/10
Classic Hibiscus Tea (25*2g)/10
Classic Raspberry Tea (25*2g)/10
Classic Forest Fruit Tea (25*2g)/10
Classic Wild Strawberry Tea (25*2g)/10
Classic Hawthorn Tea (25*2g)/10
Classic Cranberry Tea (25*2g)/10
Lemon Balm/Melissa Tea (20*2g)/10
Classic Blueberry Tea (25*2g)/10
Pepper Mint Tea (20*2g)/10
Linden Tea (20*1.75g)/10)
Camomile Tea (20*1.75g)/10
Nettle Tea (20*1.75g)/10
Sage Leaves Tea (20*1.75g)/10
Fennel Tea (20*2g)/10
Horsetail Tea (20*1.75g)/10
Mulberry Tea (20*2g)/10
Verbena Tea (20*1.75g)/10
Cistus Tea (20*1.75g)/10
Fruit Juice Tea with Grapefruit & Acai (20*2g)/10
Fruit Juice Tea with Cranberry Pomegranate and Guarana (20*2g)/10
Fruit Juice Black Tea with Red Orange & Lapacho (20*2g)/10
Fruit Juice Tea with Raspberry and Acerola (20*2g)/10
Strawberry Jam 290g/8
Raspberry Jam 290g/8
Aronia with Acerola Juice Jam 290g/8
Cherry Jam 290g/8
Peach Jam 290g/8
Blackcurrant Jam 290g/8
Blueberry Jam 290g/8
Wild Blueberry Jam 290g/8
Multifruit Marmalade with Rose Jam 330g/8
Strawberry Jam With Apple & Flaxseed Jam 290g/8
Raspberry Jam With Linden Flower 290g/8